Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've Been Out...Speaking and Delivering

Have I really not written since the first day of the year?

I'll be going into my choices lately over on my Champion of Choice blog, but let me sum up what's been happening the 3 1/2 weeks:

1. Dec. 31 I was asked (after submitting a resume to Ambassador Programs/People to People) to film a short audition tape using the script they provided by email. It was due 4 days later, giving me the weekend to complete it.
2. After sending in the tape on Jan. 4, I was asked to interview Jan. 5 (Tues).
3. After the interview, I was uncertain as to whether or not I hit it off with my potential boss in the interview.
4. Wed., Jan 6th, they called me with an offer.
5. Thur. Jan 7th, I went into sign the offer.
6. Fri. Jan 8th, I flew to St. Louis for immediate on the job training.

In the span of two weeks, from having coffee with a friend who works at this company (we weren't even meeting to talk about work) and finding out about the job opening for someone to take over a Denver territory, to the Friday I flew out of Spokane, I went from self-employed speaker/blogger working to hit it big to what amounts to a sales/spokesman for People to People.

Since then, I've been to St. Louis, Kansas City, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson. I've learned my basic one hour speech. I've delivered it to 5 separate audiences, with successful results. On Friday, I start a Midwest tour, back to STL, KC, and then up to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and back to Utah, where I'll be speaking at least 12 times, perhaps more.

During speaking season, which wraps up in the next month, I'm traveling most of the time, speaking to audiences of 100-500 about the People to People program, and the benefits of international travel for young people.

During the offseason, I'm basically working to book myself through speaking season. What does this mean for Speak & Deliver?

First of all - its still here, and now that I'm out of intensive training and mostly on my own, it'll be back on a semi-regular basis.

Second - I'll be sharing a lot of what I'm learning in my role as, essentially, a seminar speaker. There are many differences between being a speaker who works for themselves and a speaker who has a j-o-b. But there is much to learn and accomplish in my position, which is why I've taken on the challenge.

Third - well, I'm not sure what's third. But in speaking, the rule of three is king, so let's just say 'Third' will be a bit of a wildcard.

I'm excited to be on this particular adventure. It's not my final destination, but it's definitely a road that brings me closer to my ultimate success as a speaker. And, of course, it gives me a platform to emphatically Speak & Deliver!

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