Friday, September 3, 2010

Speaking Season - 21 of 107

A relatively good turnout last night - some folks drove in from up to 2 hours away to discover how to send their kids to China next year as student ambassadors. Even though I was a one-man show again yesterday, hearing how far these folks come to hear about the opportunity, and the students enthusiasm for international travel, inspires me to put on an energetic show.

Energy is a big seller - whether you are selling an actual product, or simply a way of thinking. The more authentic passion you show on stage, the more likely you'll transfer that energy to the audience. Notice the word authentic - people WANT you to be energetic, but they want it to be real.

How do you manufacture energy on the spot? Try these methods that have worked for me:

1. Be passionate about what you're selling. As many a sales and consulting guru are want to say, the first sale is to yourself - if you believe it, your audience is more likely to as well - and the energy will flow from your enthusiasm.

2. Talk to those who are using the product or living the idea. Transfer their success and enthusiasm to you!

3. Focus on original aspects of what you are presenting - Unique Selling Propositions. For me, yes, lots of programs are out there sending kids to other countries, but don't offer self-esteem training, home-stays, meetings with government officials, and service projects designed to give students interaction with the communities they're in. Pumps me up just typing about it.

4. Do new things in your presentation. A few days ago, I started my presentation about Australia in an accent, a last minute choice. Added a lot of energy right up front -  and results are in, its one of my highest enrolling groups of elementary students all season.

5. Psyche yourself up with music and physical movement offstage before you go on. To be honest, I have never done this, but many top speakers swear by it, including Tony Robbins. Someday I'll have to test this one.

6. If all the other aspects are aligned, but you're exhausted from travel, try this last resort - 5 Hour Energy - all the kick of a Monster Drink without the potty breaks. Test it ahead of time to see how it affects your system, results may vary.

Depending on your speaking schedule, energy may or may not be a problem. Being on the road, giving this many presentations over a compressed time schedule, energy is definitely a challenge. Don't let weariness creep up on you, or creep your audience out of buying into your program - be ready to energetically Speak...& Deliver!

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