Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Tough to Deliver When You're Not Speaking - or Writing...

Has it really been two weeks since my last post?

If you're following me on Facebook, you may have noticed we've had a lot going on here. My oldest daughter had to be brought back from camp early, and spent 4 1/2 days in the hospital with very low blood count levels. Very low meaning nearly non-existent, and she was almost put through a transfusion. She recovered, and is now off of her chemo long enough for her to head out to Salt Lake City, UT for another camp - and she is expected to have no problems during her time there.

If you're not following me on Facebook, well, I've been gone....Without A Trace....

I've also been hard at work on two separate projects. The World Championship of Public Speaking is an event that requires a tremendous amount of preparation. My own strategy involves speaking to as many local clubs as possible to get feedback, as well as improve my timing and delivery. It also comes with the wonderful side-effect of meeting many, many new people along the way.

I'm also working on Speakers: Find Your Roar, an interview series with four successful female speakers designed to give women AND men new insight into breaking into the speaking industry. They bring their past experiences and their cumulative wisdom to the inaugural edition of Speak & Deliver's Seminar Series, which will be released right here, in just 16 hours (give or take).

As each day has gone by, and I've realized I just haven't found the time to post, I've wondered what impact it would have on my blog, and my readers. Certainly haven't had any complaints - which, in some ways, is a bad thing. Visits to the blog have slowed, but not disappeared, which means people want new content, but plenty of others are discovering the older content as well.

It's certainly humbling. If, say, Chris Brogan stopped blogging for two weeks, he'd be on milk cartons around the world. He'd be a trending topic on Twitter. Might even make the front page of Me? The only people to notice my absence from anything are the kids who hand me breakfast at the McDonald's drive-thru.

Whether you are writing a blog or marketing your speaking services, don't forget that you have to Write, or Speak, to Deliver. Delivering is an active term. If you aren't out there every day, you're not delivering, you are simply keeping your shelves stocked. Valuable, but not interactive enough to keep folks coming to your door unless you're a grocery store.

I'm back - thanks for still being there!


  1. I'm itching to test this theory out. : )

  2. The world may come apart at the seams Chris - don't do it!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. My personal opinion... write when you have something to say and the time to write it. Then again, I am not making a living at this.
    And if Mr. Brogan disappears, I will know it is only a publicity stunt :)



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