Monday, December 31, 2012

Speak & Deliver's Reckoning Day: Part III of III

Allrighty then.

I've reviewed last year's goals.
I've shared my own take on goals. 

Now its time to set some for 2013, in such a way as to create a foundation for greater success than I found in 2012.

To Begin - My All-Encompassing Goal, that all other goals must honor, the ultimate destination of my 'To Become' list:

Strengthen my family's position
emotionally, physically, medically, and financially.

Regardless of all else, this is my number one priority, and success is based on it, not the number of Sub-Goals attained. That said, each Sub-Goal is geared toward achieving the All Encompassing Goal.

Speaking Sub-Goals
Reach as many people with my Win Anyway message as possible
Write MY book - the catalyst to my keynote
Speak outside Toastmasters 25 times

Coaching Sub-Goals
Coach and teach as many people as I'm able, both personally and by product proxy
Build Speak & Deliver's presence
Write my speaking book

Physical Sub-Goals (these are person, but do affect my speaking business, in terms of mobility and personal esteem on stage)
Get to 190 lbs.
Play Basketball again

There are other Sub-Goals, but they are more personal in nature. The goals stated here are a bit more general than last year, but much of what I wanted to do last year, and other years, are wrapped into these.

A lot of amazing things are about to happen. For various reasons, I've been holding back for several years. 2013 is a year where all of those reasons now require me to let go, step forward, and make amazing things happen. Watch this space - my professional life is about to go on a wild ride, and you can watch it right here, in Speak & Deliver.

Happy New Year, Everyone - and please, share your giant and sub-goals here - together, we can get turn our 'To Do' lists into a tool for our 'To Become' goal!


  1. Go for it Rich! You're meant to do amazing things. Please let me know if there's any way I can be of help. Akash

    1. Thanks Akash - looking forward to working with you this year!

  2. Rich, I'm loving your comments, though I don't always let you know how much I like your posts, I do.
    I am going to continue to refine my own voice.
    I am going to meditate more.
    I'm going to aim for 12 paid speaking gigs,
    I'm going to hone my craft.
    I'm going to free myself from thoughts of what I should do.
    I am going to do what feels right for me.
    I am going to stop ingesting so much external content and digest a selected few.
    I am going to Facebook less and a whole host of other worthy stuff.
    Good luck with it, Liv

    1. Thanks Livvy - let me know your progress as you push forward with your goals!

  3. Rich, Speak & Deliver is such a gift to us, I thank you for sharing.

    2013 is the year for synergy when all of our efforts align and deliver the promise of a bright and prosperous time for family, friends and personal goals.

    I have similar goals to your own, and will now be able to measure these specifically with the aid of the '365' journal I'm keeping.

    Keep posting my friend, Oh! and if you do get the time, take a look at Downton Abbey.

    1. Looking forward to hearing more about your 365 Journal, David! Thank you for being here at S&D, and for all you do with TM.



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