Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speaking of Coaching - Speaking Pro Central

I ran across Speaking PRO Central a couple of months ago, before life got REALLY busy.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of speaker coaches in the world. I link to a few of my favorites on my sidebar, including Lisa Braithwaite, Andrew Dlugan of Six Minutes, Olivia Mitchell, and John Zimmer, among others.

I subscribe to at least 50 speaking blogs, and regularly check in on speakers and coaches from around the world. Why? Because I don't know everything. And neither do they. There is no one coach I feel I can glean the most information from. Patricia Fripp provides amazing insights, and has decades of experience to back her up - but she doesn't know everything, and certainly not everything about ME, and what will work in MY situation as a speaker.

I've said before that we much be careful with coaching, and how we handle evaluation. One of the best ways we can ready ourselves to improve in any endeavor is too keep ourselves immersed in information about our focus. The more I know, the more I gather from other people's experiences, the better I have the potential to become. There's an old saying that 'you don't know what you don't know'. Expanding our sources of information dramatically shrinks what we don't know.

New ideas, and new perspectives on old ideas can keep your mind continually working on your improvement, preventing, as Zig Ziglar called it, Hardening of the Attitudes in your speaking life.

Speaking Pro Central offers a great way to keep up with a variety of speaking blogs, articles, and features. More than a directory, such as Alltop, it creates a daily newspaper of speaking clippings you want to track. It is adding new content and providers daily, and can provide you with a great alternative to the various feeders that exist today.

I'm happy that they are adding Speak & Deliver to their providers. I know I'll never be the only speaking blog you read, and I fully support it! Draw in your information from all sources, and go well-armed into your next speaking moment. Remember, the only person on that stage is you! Now GO - Speak, & Deliver!

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  1. Love to get a list of the 50 speaking blogs you subscribe to!



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