Thursday, December 29, 2011

Speaking Forward in 2012

Yesterday, I took a look back at my goals for 2011. Today, as promised, it's time to look ahead to next year, and see what I can do as both a speaker and a coach in 2012.

1. Write my definitive keynote - and start giving it anywhere someone will listen. While I did not write this in 2011 as hoped, I've certainly nailed it down conceptually, and believe it can be written from rough draft to final form (and the final form is never final, right?), by mid-January.

2. Build Speak & Deliver from a blog to a full website experience, and significantly expanding its reach.

3. Coach/Mentor more speakers in 2012 than in 2011. A simple, achievable goal.

4. Use video, for speeches, marketing, and speaking tips on my blogs and websites. I'm not far off from making this happen, and believe it continues to be a realistic, and necessary, goal.

5. Attend Toastmasters regularly - join an Advanced Club - and never give a speech that isn't lending itself to my ultimate goals of speaking. TM is always a great workout for speakers, and my love for the organization hasn't waned.

6. Create audio products out of my speeches and coaching. This is a must to cast a wider net with my coaching than just those I can meet with personally or over the phone. There are only so many hours in the day, but audios can create hours that last forever.

7. Market & Network myself to a higher degree than ever before - we can always do better on this from year to year, one day at a time.

Goals from last year I won't be renewing:

1. Join the National Speaker's Association. I believe I'll visit, but joining doesn't seem reasonable for 2012. Visiting in '12 will likely lead to joining in '13.

2. Compete in the International Speech Contest. This will be easy to fulfill, since I've booked myself the weekend of my District Conference. Time to compete for bookings instead this coming year. I may compete again - only the future will tell.

New Goals for 2012:

1. Speak 50 times, outside of my Toastmasters environment. This is a stretch for me, I'll admit. But it can be done, and could actually be tripled if I really pushed. This is a transformation of thought and action that can push me past where I've been hovering for so many years. How many times will you speak in 2012?

2. Write my signature book. Despite writing three books on speaking, I've never written MY story, and its time for that to change. Look for it by Summer.

3. Promote my wife. She gave a great keynote last year up in Toronto, and should be speaking as often as I do. And she's already got a book!

What will your 2012 look like? Will you even set goals? In the end, creating a life we're happy with doesn't have to revolve around goals, as much as our goals should revolve around creating a life we're happy with.

Go out and make 2012 the year YOU Speak & Deliver!

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