Monday, April 22, 2013

4 Lessons in Self-Deprecating Humor from a 14-year-old

Jack Carroll in Britain's Got Talent shows a wonderful sense of humor, and an understanding in how to connect with the audience.

- Are you addressing any elephants in the room when you speak?

- Do you use his method of using 'The Voice of the Audience', as he does when he starts with 'I know what you're thinking....'

- Do you construct humor in your speech in the form of a story with an unexpected twist at the end, as in his closing joke?

- And finally, are you confident enough in yourself to totally sell out - that is, go ALL IN with your speech?

When you are, you'll be a lot closer to learning how to Speak....& Deliver.

1 comment:

  1. The elephant: I think it was Judy Carter who asks in her book, what do people think when they look at you? (Oh my god, she's fat.) So you say, I know what you're thinking: Has she been working out? She must be a gymnast. Or a model.

    The voice of the audience: If you are doing the same material over and over, you can ask previous audience members what they thought, and use that feedback the next time: I know what you're thinking. Eg Darren LaCroix's winning Toastmasters speech: Did you think I stayed down too long?



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