Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Speak the Movie at Cherry Creek

Ed Tate & Rich Hopkins answer Questions at Cherry Creek Toastmaster's Speak Event

Last night, Cherry Creek Toastmasters hosted a local showing of Speak the Movie.

Cherry Creek member and 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking Ed Tate was in attendance, and in addition to offering a few introductory words, participated with me in the Q&A afterward.

The response to the film was as positive as ever, and evoked a number of questions, including:

- Is the contest fair? Are we really honoring our speakers with only one winner?
- What was it like being followed by cameras?
- How do you come up with speech material each year for contests?
- What do your kids think of your journey in the contests and speaking?
- And the obligatory 'why did you almost pass out in the hallway?' :)

This was the first Q&A I've done in tandem with another speaker, much less a World Champion, and it went extremely well. We both answered most questions, which offered the audience two disparate perspectives. Ed only competed once on his way to victory in 2000, while I've competed nine times, reaching the Big Stage twice, winning third in 2006. In the movie Speak, the result was, well - watch the movie and find out. Let's just say Ed and I have different experiences to share, in a very good way for each of us!

Haven't seen Speak yet? Buy a copy from the producers. You can also read my review.

Want to screen a showing of Speak? Want to offer a Q&A? I'm available, as are many of the other featured contestants, and free if you get me out there, put me up, and feed me, like the good folks in Hawaii will be doing next week for the Honolulu showing on 4/29/13.

Thank you to Cherry Creek VP of PR Cindy Price for putting this on and letting me come out to speak, and to Ed for coming out and making a special appearance.

For more pictures from the event, head to my Facebook Album.

Until next time, remember to always Speak....and Deliver!

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