Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Speaking of Boston

What do you say after a tragedy?

Letterman and Leno wouldn't even do monologues after 9/11. The bombings in the Boston Marathon don't quite compare in scope, but the events are tragic, frightening, and sad nonetheless.

Stephen Colbert offered his own take to open his show this week. It is a wonderful example of respectful humor and satire designed to honor the situation, motivate the city, and provide the much-needed release of laughter. Note his complete avoidance of political posturing, racial profiling, or even commentary about what to do next. Plenty of time for that....later.


  1. You have got to love the attitude!! Well done, Boston

  2. That was extremely well done, the way he used humor unrelated to the events of the day to pay tribute to the people of Boston.

    1. Absolutely - a great roundabout approach, with an intent so high-minded none of the targets of his jokes would take offense.

  3. Time, distance, and shielding are protections from nuclear radiation and work very well for humor as well.



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