Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coach? Why, Yes I Am...

No, Not THAT kind of Coach...
An interesting question has come up over the last few weeks, as I've been making the rounds at Toastmaster clubs and attending the Toastmasters International Convention: "So, Rich, what do you do for a living?"

It's my fault, I suppose. I don't like to 'compete' with Toastmasters, or make it look like I'm using TM clubs drum up business. I haven't talked about clients in my blog. Other than a small pitch to coach speaking contestants in the spring, I don't talk rates, programs, or coaching on Facebook or Twitter. One of my favorite phrases is "Physician, heal thyself" - in this case, I guess it is "Coach, coach yourself"!

Presentations Coach? Why YES, I AM! 

Individual coaching, group coaching, seminar-style coaching. By the hour, by the project. In-person or long distance. Writing, delivery, and marketing. Props, PowerPoint, and whatever else you might need along the way.

I specialize in working with sales-oriented professionals, looking to use their speaking to spread their message and build clientele. With 20 years of sales, presentation, acting, and writing skills behind me, these individuals and groups are a perfect fit. Specialization doesn't require limitation, however. Customer service communication, motivational speaking, training programs - I work with people in all these areas. In the end, all communication goes back to sales and persuasion of some type, it's simply a matter of degree.

A crucial aspect of sales is asking for the sale. Have a presentation coming up? Call me - 720-235-8714 or email We'll come up with your success plan to Speak....& Deliver!

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