Friday, August 12, 2011

Toastmasters Friday: It's Almost Time...

I know, I haven't been around much the last month. Ironically, it's not because I haven't been thinking about speaking, but because I've been doing almost nothing BUT speaking, writing, editing, and speaking again all summer.

Because It's Almost Time...for the Toastmaster's International Convention, and my part in it, the World Championships of Public Speaking, to start.

I'll be flying in Wednesday morning, and likely attending the Board of Director's Briefing at 1:00, then Johnny Campbells session at 3:00 which covers “Accredited Speakers’ Secrets Revealed: Strategies for Earning the Highest Communication Designation in Toastmasters”, then at 7:00 the Opening Ceremonies.

Thursday will be dicey - I'll be mentally focusing on my contest that night, which is Semi-Final #4, at 5:00. I may still check in on the Hall of Fame awards that morning, and Byron Embry's Leadership session at 1:00. Still debating on attending the Semi before my own. I probably will, but no guarantees. After my contest, I'll likely stick around for the next Semi, just to decompress a bit.

Friday, win or lose on Thursday, I'll be at Darren LaCroix's session, possibly the Accredited Speaker's tryouts, and definitely the Golden Gavel. If I lose Thursday (shudder), I'll make it a point to hit as much as possible throughout the day.

Saturday, of course, is the World Championship itself - and I'll either be in the audience or on the stage. If I compete, I won't be at the business meeting, most likely, but if I don't compete, I will definitely be there. That night, of course, is the President's Dinner Dance, and I'll definitely be in attendance.

I'm looking forward to running into a lot of old friends, and even more new ones next week. If you see me before I see you, come say hi - and maybe put a frame around your head and smile like your facebook picture to help me out a bit!

It's also Almost Time for something else...but for that, I'll wait, just a little while longer...

Doesn't mean you have to wait though. Go out today and Speak...& Deliver!

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