Monday, August 1, 2011

Speakers: Find Your Roar

Ever since I got involved in speaking, as a speaker and a coach, I've heard variations of the following:

- Speaking is a male-dominated industry
- Women aren't as good at speaking as men
- Women don't carry the same credibility as men
- Women don't dress professionally enough on stage
- Women should only speak to women audiences
- Women should only speak on female-oriented subjects
- Women can't charge as much as men

Of course, this is all a giant load of Horse Puckey.

Still, the more people believe it and perpetuate it, the longer the supposed barriers of sexism into the speaking industry will continue to block bright and talented women speakers.

In June, I interviewed four Top Women Professional Speakers representing all aspects of speaking, and all areas of the country. Felicia Slattery, Maureen Zappala, Sheryl Roush, and Laura Stack all made themselves available to me to talk about the state of the speaking industry, and how women can and should be successful as professional speakers.

Today, those interviews are finally available for download - click here - over 2 hours of insight from these diverse speakers for only $17!

Whether you are just beginning your journey, know someone who should be, or are ready to take your speaking to the next level, you'll benefit from the wisdom and experiences of these four professionals.

Bonus point - Men - you will learn something as well - when was the last time you got the opportunity to overhear four powerful women talk about their success?

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