Friday, August 20, 2010

Flexibility - Lessons From The Road #2

Switched from the silver Nissan Xterra I've been driving in South Dakota to a big 'ol white Yukon today, in Omaha. Coolest part of it is the picture I get of what's behind me when I'm shifted into reverse. This vehicle will get me across Nebraska and up to the northern region of Minnesota between today and Sept. 3rd.

Not much flexibility needed to switch cars, but I nearly pulled a few muscles today when I discovered that the supplies I needed for the next 11 meetings between now and next Thursday were NOT on the way. I could expedite an order to arrive Saturday which would cover my Sun-Thu meetings, but I was out of luck for Saturday. Luckily, I had a few spare applications booklets, and once I made it to Omaha from Sioux Falls and made the vehicle switch, I jetted to the nearest Fedex/Kinko's. Even as I type they are continuing to put together copies of 350 applications for tomorrow.

There's a lot at stake at these meetings, and without applications, a huge investment of money and time would have gone down the tubes. As it is, I'm going into battle with a sword but no shield, shall we say.

Sometimes the world conspires against us, and sometimes we conspire against ourselves. As speakers, with audiences counting on us, we must be ready for anything. I'm fortunate I had a day between meetings - at least I'll go in with SOMETHING.

But....what if I couldn't? The show must go on. Students would still come, and I would still have a presentation to show them. They would still be able to apply onsite and at home. Not the best-case scenario, but certainly better than 350 students coming in throughout the day to a sign that says "Cancelled".

Regardless of what happens around us, we as speakers are the bringers of the message. If all the supplies showed up, and WE didn't, the results would be far more catastrophic.

Remember: The Show Must Go On - Speak and Deliver!

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