Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Speaking Season - 10 of 107

Don't Assume.

A lesson I just never seem to tire of learning....

Last night my presentation set-up was a complete breeze thanks to the helpful folks at the Sioux City Convention Center. Everything was in place, my video and audio worked well, and all signs pointed to a great evening.

Unfortunately, the second video was unlistenable - the old house speakers simply couldn't handle the sound, despite repeated attempts to adjust. I punted, and tried to recap the video as best I could. The second video was better, but the sound was still unacceptable by any standard. Tough to know if the meeting was a success or not - only 12 families showed up with students tonight - I should have some more results in coming days.

While I did all I could as a presenter during the hour of presenting, I made a classic mistake of ASSUMING that since the first video worked well, the others all would as well - after all, they always had. If I had checked them all, we could have fixed the problem, whether through soundboard adjustments, changing speaker systems, or even running to best buy for some high powered computer speakers.

Finding out during your presentation that something isn't working just isn't a positive result. Yes, it can happen, but by assuming less, and testing more, we can all set ourselves up for stronger success than I did last night...
Went to Bev's By The River last night for dinner - supposed to be a great restaurant here in town. I ordered chicken oscar, and was pretty disappointed. Perhaps their other menu items are better, but this one didn't do it for me at all.
Finding myself really missing my wife and kids while out on the road. So much is happening at home with new schools and doctor's appointments. Kristi's been invited to be interviewed on the radio for an NF Walk in Denver, and Riley, my 9 year old daughter, is trying out for Willy Wonka at the local community theatre. Six kids is a lot of kids to miss, a lot of activities to miss, and a lot of love to miss.

Today's lesson? Don't assume. Don't assume anything will always work, don't assume the chicken oscar will be good, and don't assume that being away from your family will be wholly compensated for by a good job!

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  1. I think that the last assumption is the one to take to heart!



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