Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Speaking Season 11 of 107

Wow, I got to spend two whole nights in one hotel....


Took an hour at lunchtime to visit a Toastmasters club in South Sioux City, NE - a short drive over the bridge once I correctly identified NE as the state, instead of IA, for the GPS. When I contacted them to see if they were having a meeting, I left off any signatures and such that would identify me as a TM, but was told she Googled me, and hence asked if I'd give a speech. I always carry a speech about my journey through public speaking, and my plea to Toastmasters to give speeches that matter in my 'back pocket', so I was happy to oblige. Great club, wonderful people, and a nice diversion from the stresses of the day job.

Thank you for having me Southland Ciceros Club #2670


Tonight the sound issues we had yesterday were completely fixed. They set up speakers and replaced a few sound cords, and it was like a concert in that room. In fact, the room was overfilled - 320 people in a room that had chairs added as they were coming in - we only fit 310 chairs - standing room only!

Not quite THIS many....

These families came out in force, not just a parent and student, but both parents, siblings, and grandma for good measure. It created some wonderful energy, and I'm anxious to see how many students sign up for the program next year.

Packed up and got out of there by 9:15, and had a 3 1/2 hour drive ahead of me to Grand Island, NE. Didn't stop to eat - just went through Arby's - I know, a horrible choice! Still, just needed to get SOMETHING, and fast. Filling up the truck added to my time, and when I found myself weaving, I pulled over and slept for about 30 minutes. So much for the effects of 5 Hour Energy.

Made it safely, obviously, and even maintained enough energy to do my online report in order to make the home office happy with me. Even found time to watch the new SpeakEasy Trailer - but then crash - I was down for the count.

And to think - I'm not even 10 percent done with the season yet. More later - time for me to prepare for tonight's event. No rest for the weary - just another opportunity to Speak & Deliver!

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