Friday, August 27, 2010

Road School: Lessons from the Road #3

Spent 11 hours driving from North Platte, NE to Minneapolis, MN today. As opposed to straining for radio stations, or even taking advantage of the free XM, I chose Road School - listening to CDs and DVDs from Tom Antion, John DiLemme, and Avish Parashar.

Antion's stuff is a bit dated, but that's my fault, not his, really. Listened to several CDs from his "Internet Marketing Butt Camp" from 2005 or so. Still some good info and inspiration.

"Finding Your Why Now!" was the subject of DiLemme's CD, which was recorded in 2008, but I just got in the mail about a month ago. Solid motivational material, delivered with passion. Thought provoking stuff, and exactly what I needed today.

Even better than those was "Improv for Speakers" by Avish Parashar and Fred Gleeck. 3 DVDs that I listened too as opposed to watched. Even audio only, they were packed with great information, exercises, humor, and actionable techniques to help speakers Speak & Deliver with more energy and spontaneity than ever before.

I highly recommend this set from Avish and Fred, even to the point of offering this (affiliate) link for you to check it out for yourself: Improv For Speakers!

In addition to several hours of listening today, I took about two hours to really think about how I'm going to apply some of the concepts I heard today. Just listening to information is no better than just reading it, if no thought is given to it, and no action follows.

Take some time on your next drive to listen and think, so when you arrive at your destination, you are ready to ACT!


  1. -um- the link gives me a 404 not found error Rich.

  2. Sorry Michael - this should now be fixed :)

  3. Hi Rich! Thanks for the nice words on the program. I am glad you got something out of them, even with just the audio!



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