Monday, May 16, 2011

Do You Feel A Draft?

I was looking through my posts over the last year and a half, and realized something. My blogger dashboard is a bit drafty. I have many posts that I started, but either wasn't in the mood to finish, or I was waiting for a moment when I had more time, or I needed to get additional material.

This is both good and bad. Good that I at least wrote something down, and can come back to it later. Bad that at least one draft is over a year old, and I rarely think to go find a half-started post and finish it.

While everyone tends to have ideas they leave orphaned, only to find they've blossomed elsewhere, often to the tune of millions of dollars - writers and speakers have a special way of torturing themselves. Moleskins, legal pads, sticky notes. Emails to ourselves, story logs, long lists of starred internet stories and sites for 'future reference'. We go that one extra step of keeping our great ideas saved for posterity thinking that we'll get back to them soon - when the time is 'right'.

We do this because we're supposed to - we're all brilliant, and you never know where we'll be when we get the next great idea. They say they created Rite in the Rain products for the military and outdoorsmen, but it's really for those of us who get our best ideas in the shower!

This week, I'm going to go back into my 'savings' and finish a few of those posts. I'm going to drag out my story log and see what new stories I can use to freshen up some of my speeches. Who knows, all those ideas might add up into something amazing!

Where do you keep your great ideas? It's May 16th. A special day called TODAY. Take advantage of today, and go find them again, and decide to use at least one this week. Before they all blow away for good.

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