Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyone's Got an Angle

Last night, during our Mother's Day family meeting, I asked each of my six kids to tell their mother something they love about her. The answers were pretty cool, and each came from their own personal angle of importance.

"I love Mommy's hugs" - 3 year old Brooklyn
"I love Mommy's kisses" - 6 year old Riker
"I love Mommy's hugs AND kisses!" - 8 year old Rachel
"I love that Mommy loves us, even when she's angry" - 10 year old Riley
"I love Mom's Thriving attitude - that no matter what she tries to look at the good side of life" - 15 year old Bailey

Then it's 13 year old Braden's turn: "I love Mom's nachos!" It didn't stop there - he listed off about 10 other of Mom's culinary masterpieces before he was done. Braden has a great sense of humor, but he also knows what he likes - and that's what he focused on. Of all the things Mom does for him and our family, cooking was his number one.

That's an audience of six kids talking. What do you think your audience of 25, 100, or 500 adults are thinking about you? Different types of people will leave with different take-aways from your presentation, and you only have so much control over what those will be from person to person. In every case, they will take away what they feel is important to them.

It might be a particular phrase. They may remember your humor, or a story that stood out to them. Others are remembering a Power Point slide, a prop you might have used, or even a memorable gesture. Is every angle of your presentation focused on your overall message?

Even though Braden may have seemed a bit off-topic, he was still keyed in to his Mom's main message: Love. He just focused on it from a different angle - sustaining and care-taking love, vs. affection or example.

The more ways you give them to reach your main message, the more people you will touch. How many angles can your audience reach your message from? How many angles are you considering when you prepare your presentation? Everyone is coming from a slightly different direction. To Speak & Deliver, it is your job to find every way possible to lead them to the same horizon point.

Even if you have to make great Nachos to get them there!

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