Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Stories That Stick

Every now and again, I get asked to review an advance copy of a speaking related book - something I enjoy doing immensely. Such is the case today. For those new readers of my blog, know that I don't hold back if I don't enjoy a book - which may be why I haven't gotten as many chances to review over the last few years as I used to....


I'll start by admitting I'm a sucker for stories. I'll also admit I hate hearing stories I've already heard over and over again. Now a speaker and/or author can't control what stories I have or have not heard, but they can do their best to at least use stories that are personal to them in some way - and author Kindra Hall does exactly this throughout her book.

I won't spoil the surprise by mentioning the stories specifically. My main point? At no point did I groan and say 'oh, this one again?' - which is commonplace for me as someone who reads/listens to so many motivational and speaking-centric book/blogs/podcasts.

The structure of the book is sound - prove the effectiveness of stories by telling them? Check. Create a relatively personal and memorable method to use story? Check. Encourage me to use my own stories? Check. While the primary setting is marketing and advertising, the ideas are sound for speakers as well. If this were the first and only book you ever read on storytelling, you would be well-armed going out into the world as a storyteller.

Even if you're an experienced storyteller or coach, there is still enough of a refreshing approach in the book to warrant a quick read. I found there to be a sound balance between easy reading and intelligent writing, and Hall created a strong rapport with me through her writing style, making me root for the book, and root for myself as someone who could use the strategies within - both on stage and in sales in general - both worlds I spend a great deal of time in.

Stories That Stick is being released TODAY on Amazon, B&N, and numerous other sources for your favorite books.

An easy recommend - five out of five stars.

(Editor's note: As always, this is an unpaid review, and I am not soliciting sales with an affiliate link. I did read an 'advance reader's copy - uncorrected proof' of the book in it's entirety) 


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