Unlock Your Keynote

Rich has a gift for clearing away the nonsense, and helping emerging speakers find and express their essential message.  He helped me to discover what I really wanted to say, and then coached me to voice my message to my audiences with ease, power, and authenticity.  I highly recommend Rich  Hopkins as a coach for speakers who wish to find, craft, and deliver a keynote speech that audiences will love, and pay to hear. - Joan Janis, Denver, CO.

It's no longer good enough to offer platitudes and homespun wisdom from stage.

Audiences, and meeting planners, want results - and if your Keynote doesn't offer a plan of action to achieve them, you'll end up talking mostly to yourself in a mirror.

Whether your message focuses on overcoming life's obstacles, becoming an entrepreneur, or your own personal flavor of leadership, sales, or even fitness - your Keynote is your core product. From your 25-60 minutes speech will come consulting clients, product sales, and future opportunities to speak and share your insights with the world.

How will we Unlock Your Keynote? 
In this three month, personal coaching intensive, we'll...

- use weekly one hour coaching sessions, to drill down to the essentials of the message you want to give, and ensure it will inform, entertain, and inspire your audience.

- work together to craft a 45 minute speech using a keynote structure the pros prefer, which will hook your audience, build your credibility, find their pain, and give them a process to solve that pain.

- start a story log, so you can mix and match examples based on your audience.

- build YOUR story into the ultimate proof of the solutions you're proposing.

- hone your speaking skills using SKYPE and video reviews, whether you're completely new to the stage, or an old pro.

Finally, we'll also address the business end of speaking, by...

- exploring product creation options and handling back of the room sales.
- examining your marketing options.
- building a venue target list and setting up a sales call and/or email inquiry protocol to get you booked after our three month intensive completes - or before!

The time to Unlock Your Keynote is NOW... 
don't wait until next year, next month, or next week. 

The only way to be ready is to actually GET READY! Contact me at Rich@RichHopkins.com and we'll set up a FREE consult call, and start building the perfect coaching program for you to discover, develop, and deliver your keynote!

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