Are You Chasing the Right Trophy?

I LOVE coaching speech contestants...

...and over the years, I've coached dozens of contestants to victories at almost every level.

I worked with Rich during three separate contest cycles. His input was invaluable. Considering his experience, his price is more than reasonable. He puts in a lot of time and effort to deeply analyze your speech. You will receive razor-sharp content analysis. He even offers review of your delivery if you send a video. Rich is not only a world class speaker, but a world class coach. Even if you don't win at all levels of your contests, you will become a much "richer" speaker. - Hari Sanghvi, ACG, ALB

I give my fellow Toastmasters a rock-bottom one time rate to coach them from start to finish, from club to the Finals, in all four major contests - Evaluation, Tall Tales, Humorous, and of course, the granddaddy of 'em all, the International Speech Contest.

I've got first hand experience with all of them, and have District titles in all four (as well as Table Topics), and have finished in the top three at the World Championship of Public Speaking.

What does that mean for you? A coach that knows what you're going through, who can help you find that ONE great message, work with you to edit it, deliver it, and bring down the house.

I never guarantee trophies you hold in your hands - but I do guarantee the trophies you'll hold in your heart and mind for rest of your life. 

I also guarantee you'll deliver your best possible speech, and discover a tremendous amount about speaking, speech-writing, and yourself in our time working together. Contest speaking is one of the best ways to jumpstart your speaking skills, and get yourself in front of the world.

What You'll get:

  • Weekly phone/SKYPE or in person coaching
  • Video reviews
  • Unlimited e-Critiques
  • For as long as you're in competition!

Whether it's your first time in competition, or fifteenth, there's no need to go it alone. Contact me at for a free consultation call!
“Rich was an excellent coach during my International Speech Contest Run.  Where he really helped me was with my delivery and movement on stage.  It’s amazing how he was able to help me change my tone and allow the audience to capture my message and show me how to let my body help deliver that message in meaningful way.  He was encouraging, supportive, and at the same time always challenged me to grow as a speaker.  These are skills that will help me in big sales presentations and allow me to pursue my goals to be accepted into speaker bureaus and go after other public speaking opportunities.  I do plan to compete for Toastmaster’s World Championship of Public Speaking in the future, and when I do, I will be asking Rich for his help once again.”  - Pete Punwani, District 10 Toastmasters 2014 Runner-Up International Speech Contest
Rich coached me (as an) International Speech Contestant. When I came to Rich, I had a big problem  - my ending. The speech just ended and didn't have the strong, impactful close. As Rich and I talked and watched my speech while on the phone, he helped me develop and powerful close that stayed in the heart of my audience long after I finished my speech. I wouldn't have come up with that close without Rich. Receiving coaching from Rich is truly a collaborative, fun experience. He has a great sense of humor to go along with his excellent ideas. I highly recommend hiring Rich. I know I will for next year's contest! - Dr. Michelle Mazur, author of 'Speak Up for Your Business'

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