Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's Stopping You?

Part of the 'Fear of Public Speaking' isn't really fear at all, but a feeling that we aren't special, can't think of anything special, and don't have anything worth sharing.

I found this video this morning, thanks to Twitter, and fellow coach Nancy Duarte. In its simplicity, it says it all:

(Derek Sivers can be found at @sivers on Twitter and Sivers.org)

Quit arguing, and start Speaking.


  1. Great video and Post.

    "Sometimes a smart person doesn't know what they know."

    "Your every day might be someone's pay day."

  2. Thanks...this is a really nice video....:)

    I think this will encourage lot of people...:)

  3. Nice one....really got impressed.

  4. Great presentation! watching it changed my view to the world... Thanks buddy keep this work going on...



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