Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Public Speaking Blog for the Speaking Public

Don't look now, (OK, look) but it's finally here - the first post of Speak & Deliver. Why 'Speak & Deliver'? Because as speakers, we must remember to do both. It is not enough that we say what we want to say. We must say it in the way our audience needs to hear it - so that they understand what we say the way we meant it to mean. (Say that 5 times fast!) If the audience leaves talking about what eloquent speakers we are, but not about our message, what have we accomplished? Some of the most effective speakers today aren't necessarily the best speakers, from a technical standpoint. They speak with emotion, the market well, they have found the right audience - even as they plod through with average oration.

Speak & Deliver will cover both sides of the issue, as we strive to marry the best of Method and Message in order to create the best possible speakers for today's audiences.

If you're reading this, you probably already familiar with who I am, and wondered why I didn't already have a Public Speaking blog.

Actually, I did! I had a couple, at various times over the past few years, but none that were properly focused.

One attempted to revolve around speaking, but quickly became more general in nature, discussing current events, entertainmnet, sports, and currently sits quietly un-updated since my post on Michael Jackson's death

Another focused too much on Toastmasters and competition - tracking my two trips to the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2006 and 2008, as well as my trips to the semi-finals in four other years. That blog is on hiatus until my return to competition, either in 2011 or 2014.

I have two other blogs going - but neither are about speaking. The Champion of Choice Challenge focuses on recapturing our power of choice to achieve our goals, while Stumpy & Bumpy Laugh Off The Pounds is a weight-loss blog with a fair amount of humor thrown in.

No speaker can be all things to all people and succeed - and the same applies to blogs. Speak & Deliver is designed to be all things Speaking.Speak & Deliver will be devoted to the Art and Business of Speaking. I will have guest bloggers, videos, audios, reviews, how-to's, observations and opinions on Public Speaking in today's world.

Speak & Deliver will also be devoted to providing access to outside resources, and compiling as much Public Speaking education as I can fit on the infinite landscape of the Internet.

Whether you are a high school student, Toastmaster, Trainer, Professional Speaker, or even a Master Thespian, you will find (eventually) something here just for you.

Have something you want me to talk about? Do you want to contribute a post, or have a resource for me to review? For this, or, of course, coaching services, e-mail me, or comment below.

Thank you for visiting our Grand Reveal! You can be alerted to each new post by following (use the link in the top right column). Check out my recommended blogs by other people in the industry. I'll have products available (Go Ahead and Laugh: A Serious Guide to Speaking with Humor is the first) from myself and others. Don't be a stranger - and let me know you were here by commenting below.

...And remember, Don't Just Speak - Speak & Deliver!


  1. I should visit this blog often, I feared and loathed the thought of public speaking, until I had to present at a conference in Las Vegas. I threw up four times before I spoke, and still to this day really dislike public speaking. I avoid it whenever possible, but should become more comfortable with it.

  2. Wow! What a great beginning; really, really looking forward! ~RR

  3. Congratulations on the new blog, Rich!

  4. Hi Rich
    Looking forward to reading this blog (and amazed by the number of blogs you have going!).

  5. What a wonderful sight to wake up to! Justin, Rebecca, Lisa, Olivia - thank you for stopping in and leaving your comments!

    Justin - I'd look up a local Toastmasters Club (Toastmasters.org) - a great way to get rid of that 'sick' feeling. Next time you have a big speech, Lisa, Olivia, or me a call and we'll set you up to knock their socks off!

  6. Rich,

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. I would love to contribute a post at some point when you are ready for that. Most likely on evaluations.

    Keep up the great work!


  7. Bravo, Rich!

    Looking forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you (yours will have to be virtual) as your blog evolves.



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