Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elevator Speeches Part II - Buck the Trend

Yesterday we talked about treating an Elevator Speech as an Elevator Conversation - a great approach when in a one on one situation (like, say, in an elevator...).

Often we are tasked to give an 'Elevator Speech' in front of a group. Today I'll talk about what to do if you are speaking only once without returning to the group, tomorrow, in Part III, I'll discuss how to do these on a weekly basis to the same group, for those of you in BNI or other similar networking groups.

Today - BOOM - you're in front of a group of strangers, introduced by a leader, probably by name and/or company name only, and they expect to hear 30-60 seconds about you.


They expect to hear 30-60 seconds about why they should CARE about listening to you! The sales cliche holds true: WIIFM - What's In It For Me.

1. The Twisted Opening

This is an even better time to use your Twisted Reply from the Elevator Conversation. Jazz it up - make it funny and deliver it with confidence and energy big enough for the room. Saying "I'm Pam Smith, a manager at the Inland Northwest Blood Bank" twists into "I'm Pam Smith, professional vampire" becomes "I'm Pam Smith, Professional Vampire" delivered with an wry grin and an arm sweep (as if with a cape).

Big voice + big smile + big gesture = big attention.

2. The Catch and Not Quite Release

If you've gone the humorous/cryptic route, let the laughter subside, then 'let them off the hook' and tell them the layman's term for what you do, but still with them in mind. "I work at the Inland Northwest Blood Bank, hoping we never have to save your life, while making sure we can."

3. The Story

You have their attention, now reel them in. Instead of saying what you do every day, speak of the IMPACT you make every day. You don't organize a staff of people who take blood, you save lives. Find a success story you can use - as recent or high profile as possible where your actions or organization's actions saved a life.

4. The Command

Finish up with a call to action - do you want them to call you? Talk to you afterwards? Visit a website? Read the pamphlet you passed around? Tell them so. If you can, find a way to tie back to your opening "If you don't call me, remember this: The Vampire will be lurking!"

This formula will make you both memorable and approachable, and for those squarely in your target, actionable. With 30-60 seconds, what more can we hope for?

I understand we aren't all lucky enough to be vampires. If you'd like to develop your own 'Elevator Speech', drop me an email at, and reference the Pitch Package. Give me an hour, and together we'll have you ready to Speak & Deliver!

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